Computer Science @ University of St Andrews

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Entrance requirements

  • Academics in robes with Vint Cerf
  • The Jack Cole building
  • First year lecture
  • MSc students in the lab
  • Examples in a lecture
  • Undergraduate tutorial
  • Blue sky thinking
  • MSc students enjoying a sunny day
  • MSc students at the summer BBQ
  • First year students in a lab-based excersise class
  • MSc students in the snow after November graduation
  • MSc students after graduation
  • Undergraduate students after summer graduation

Entrance requirements for all of our courses can be found on the University's Course Search pages. All applications are considered individually and the grades listed are the minimum level which is likely to be requested. Simply meeting these grades does not mean that an offer will be made, and other factors, in particular the personal statement, are taken into account. Contact us to discuss any alternative combinations of qualifications. Note that in addition to School requirements, you must also meet the entrance requirements for the Faculty of Science.

Direct Entry to Second Year

It is possible for well-qualified applicants with an appropriate academic background to apply for admission directly into the second year of our degree programmes. A tailored and accelerated programme for second-year entrants permits a BSc Honours degree to be obtained in three years instead of four. Applicants considering this route should bear in mind that entry into second year does reduce the flexibility of choice which is normally found within the Scottish four-year Honours degree. If you are interested in direct second-year entry, please contact us. The entrance requirements for second-year entry differ slightly and can also be found on the Course Search pages.

Computer Science (Gateway)

The Computer Science (Gateway) provides an alternative entry route for students who meet some or all of the University's widening participation criteria. The programme provides an interactive and tailored first year focussing fully on Computer Science. After first year, students enrolled via Computer Science (Gateway) continue into the conventional second year programme, working toward a BSc or MSci Honours degree in Computer Science.

The programme is targeted primarily at Scottish students and offers are made in the range of:

  • BBBB – AABB at Higher, including Maths (over two sittings where necessary)

If you are interested in the Computer Science (Gateway), we encourage you to contact us before submitting your application. More details can be found on the Computer Science (Gateway) page.

Alternative Qualifications

While many of our applicants present Scottish Highers, A-levels or International Baccalaureate qualifications, we are also pleased to consider applications from mature candidates with other qualifications, such as HND or BTEC. Note that you will need to meet our post-16 Mathematics requirement (e.g., a B or higher in the Scottish Higher or A-level, or a 5 in HL Maths or a 6 in SL Maths in the IB), and this is not met by an HND or BTEC on its own. Please contact us to arrange a talk with an admissions officer.