Computer Science @ University of St Andrews

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Administrative Roles

Role Holder Email
Head of SchoolProf. S
Deputy Head of SchoolProf. I
Director of TeachingDr G
Director of ResearchProf. S
Director of Postgraduate StudiesDr I
Disability Co-ordinatorMr A
Examinations OfficerMr A
Health & Safety OfficerMr D
Sub-Honours AdvisersDr I Duncan, Dr A
Honours AdviserDr M-J
MSc CS AdvisersDr I Miguel, Dr D
MSc IT AdviserDr J
Erasmus Mundus MSc AdviserDr D Balasubramaniam, Dr J
School AdministratorMr A
Head of Systems GroupDr S
Study Abroad CoordinatorDr G

Level Coordinators

Role Holder Email
First Level CS CoordinatorProf. I
First Level IT CoordinatorMs A
Evening Degree CoordinatorMs J
2nd Level CS CoordinatorProf. K
Honours CS CoordinatorDr M-J
MSci CoordinatorDr M-J
MSc CS CoordinatorDr D
MSc IT CoordinatorDr J
DESEM Coordinator (Erasmus Mundus MSc in Dependable Software Systems)Dr D Balasubramaniam, Dr J
Junior Honours Project CoordinatorDr G Kirby, Dr Y
Individual Project Coordinator (SH, MSc, MSci)Dr T

Student Representatives

Role Holder Email
First level (CS and ID modules) Yin Noe and Aniqa Aslam
Second level (CS modules) Marija Nedjalkova
Third level (CS modules) Aleksejs Sazonovs
Fourth level (CS modules) Alex Field
Fifth level MSc (CS, IS and ID modules) Zhao Gao
Fifth level MSci Samuel Koch
Evening degree Sarah Gaffney
PhD Ruth Hoffmann
School President James Anderson

Contact details for all staff and research students are listed in the School directory