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This is a list of all resident members of the School of Computer Science.

Phone numbers shown are internal extensions. To dial from outside use the prefix:

+44 (0)1334 46

  Name Title Position Room Phone Email (
Alex Bain Bain, Alex
School Manager
Mr School Manager JC0.38 3242 alb
Juliana Bowles Bowles, Juliana Dr Senior Lecturer JC1.07 1622 jkfb
Anne Campbell Campbell, Anne Ms Associate Lecturer JC0.27 3256 anne.campbell
Ian Miguel Miguel, Ian
Director of Research
Prof Professor JC0.20 3248 ijm
Judith Malcolm Malcolm, Judith Ms Associate Lecturer JC0.26 1630 judith.malcolm
Ian Oliver Oliver, Ian Dr Research Fellow JH104 3244 iao
Colin Allison Allison, Colin Dr Honorary Reader ca
Edwin Brady Brady, Edwin Dr Lecturer JC1.26 3271 ecb10
Ishbel Duncan Duncan, Ishbel Dr Lecturer JC1.23 3270 ishbel.duncan
Alan Miller Miller, Alan Dr Lecturer JC1.22 3261 alan.miller
Ron Morrison Morrison, Ron Prof Emeritus Professor ron
Lisa Dow Dow, Lisa Ms Associate Lecturer JC0.27 3256 lisa.dow
Tom Kelsey Kelsey, Tom Dr Reader JC1.16 3249 twk
Ian Sommerville Sommerville, Ian Prof Emeritus Professor ian.sommerville
Jim Park Park, Jim Mr Technician JH101 3274 jim.park
Mark-Jan Nederhof Nederhof, Mark-Jan Dr Lecturer JC0.06 1638 mn31
Vladimir Janjic Janjic, Vladimir Dr Research Fellow JC0.08 1629 vj32
Ian Gent Gent, Ian Prof Professor JC0.19 3247
Mike Weir Weir, Mike Dr Lecturer JC1.25 3255 mkw
Kevin Hammond Hammond, Kevin Prof Professor JC0.07 3241 kh8
Chris Jefferson Jefferson, Chris Dr Reader JC0.24 3272 caj21
Alex Voss Voss, Alex Dr Lecturer JC0.25 3262 alex.voss
Simon Dobson Dobson, Simon
Head of School
Prof Professor JC1.17 1626 simon.dobson
Alan Dearle Dearle, Alan Prof Professor JC1.18 3250 alan.dearle
David Letham Letham, David Mr Technician JH101 3234 david.letham
Dharini Balasubramaniam Balasubramaniam, Dharini
Director of Teaching
Dr Senior Lecturer JC1.13 3266 dharini
Steve Linton Linton, Steve Prof Professor JC0.23 3269 sl4
Jonathan Lewis Lewis, Jonathan Dr Lecturer JC0.22 3252 jon.lewis
Saleem Bhatti Bhatti, Saleem Prof Professor JC1.31 1640 saleem
Sarah Kennedy Kennedy, Sarah Miss Research Assistant JH104 3244 sk383
Jose Marques Marques, Jose Mr Computing Officer JC0.03 3264 jmcm1
Stuart Norcross Norcross, Stuart
Director of Infrastructure
Dr Scientific Officer JC0.03 3692 stuart.norcross
Lei Fang Fang, Lei Dr Research Fellow JC1.06 1624 lf28
John Thomson Thomson, John
Director of Postgraduate Teaching
Dr Lecturer JC1.24 3335 j.thomson
Tristan Henderson Henderson, Tristan Dr Senior Lecturer JC1.08 1637 tnhh
Christopher John Davies Davies, Christopher John Dr Research Fellow JH104 3072 cjd44
Shyam Reyal Reyal, Shyam Mr Research Student JC1.15 3238 shyam.reyal
Adam Barker Barker, Adam Prof Professor JC1.21 1621 adam.barker
Graham Kirby Kirby, Graham
Pro Dean Advising (Science)
Dr Senior Lecturer JC1.20 3240 graham.kirby
Ozgur Akgun Akgun, Ozgur Dr Lecturer JC1.10 3072 ozgur.akgun
Alexander Konovalov Konovalov, Alexander Dr Research Fellow JC0.11 1633 alexander.konovalov
Juan Ye Ye, Juan Dr Lecturer JC1.12 3258 jy31
Miguel Nacenta Nacenta, Miguel
Director of Postgraduate Research
Dr Senior Lecturer JC1.04 3265 mans
Aaron Quigley Quigley, Aaron
Director of Impact
Prof Professor JC1.03 1623 aquigley
  Brown, Chris Dr Research Fellow JC0.08 1629 cmb21
Ruth Letham Letham, Ruth
Director of Publicity and Recruitment
Dr Lecturer JC1.02 3685 ruth.letham
Susmit Sarkar Sarkar, Susmit Dr Reader JC0.17 1631 susmit.sarkar
  Barwell, Adam Dr Research Fellow JC0.08 1629 adb23
  Pfeiffer, Markus Dr Research Fellow JC0.11 1633 markus.pfeiffer
Uta Hinrichs Hinrichs, Uta Dr Lecturer JC1.09 3268 uh3
David Harris-Birtill Harris-Birtill, David Dr Lecturer JC0.10 3246 dcchb
  Scott, Schorr Mr Visiting Scholar JH104 sas21
Julie Dunsire Dunsire, Julie
School Administrator
Mrs Administrator JC0.01 3251 jh100
Nicol Thomson Thomson, Nicol Mr Technician JH101 3235 nrt4
  Caminati, Marco Dr Research Fellow JC0.13 1636 mbc8
David Morrison Morrison, David Mr Research Assistant JH104 3260 dm236
  Arandelovic, Ognjen Dr Lecturer JC0.09 2824 oa7
Kasim Terzic Terzic, Kasim Dr Associate Lecturer JC0.26 1630 kt54
Alice Toniolo Toniolo, Alice Dr Lecturer JC1.11 1639 a.toniolo
Ruth Hoffmann Hoffmann, Ruth Dr Research Fellow JC0.28 3691 rh347
Annemarie Paton Paton, Annemarie
PGT Administrator
Mrs Administrator JC0.01 1628 amb24
  Rhodes, Elizabeth Ms Research Assistant JH104 3244 egsr
  Salamon, Andras Dr Research Fellow JC0.15 3072 andras.salamon
Adriana Wilde Wilde, Adriana Mrs Associate Lecturer JC0.27 3256 agw5
  Laesecke, Sylvia
UG Administrator
Mrs Administrator JC0.01 3253 sln3
  Dunlop, Fraser Robin James Mr Research Fellow JC0.28 3691 frjd2
  Fayed, Marwan Dr Senior Lecturer JC1.32 1635 marwan.fayed
  Dang, Nguyen Ms Research Fellow JC0.29 3690 nttd
  Lin, Yuhui Dr Research Fellow JC1.37 yl205
  Boyter, Wendy
UG Administrator
Mrs Administrator JC0.01 3273 wcb1
  Rafiq, Yasmeen Dr Research Fellow JC1.06 1624 yr23
  Torpey, Michael Mr Research Assistant JC0.11 1633 mct25
  Carter, Nathan Dr Research Fellow JC0.16 1627 ncc7
Ryo Yanagida Yanagida, Ryo Mr Research Student JC1.19 3254 ry6
Thomas Stanley Dalton Dalton, Thomas Stanley Mr Research Student JC1.19 3254 tsd4
  Spracklen, Patrick Mr Research Student JC0.28 3691 jlps
  Dimitriou, Neofytos Mr Research Student JC0.12 nd26
  Symons, David Mr Research Student JC1.19 3254 das57
  Aruni, Percy Perez Mr Research Student JC0.25 3262 pdpa
Daniel John Rough Rough, Daniel John Mr Research Student JH104 3260 djr53
Adeola Ezekiel Fabola Fabola, Adeola Ezekiel Mr Research Student JH104 3244 aef6
Evan Brown Brown, Evan Mr Research Student JH104 3260 edb4
Patrick Maurice Schrempf Schrempf, Patrick Maurice Mr Research Engineer JC0.12 ps90
Ilia Lvov Lvov, Ilia Mr Research Student JC0.25 3262 il23
Simone Conte Conte, Simone Mr Research Student JC1.19 3254 sic2
Hussein Bakri Bakri, Hussein Mr Research Student JC0.21 3257 hb
Julian Petford Petford, Julian Mr Research Student JH104 3260 jp438
Juan Mendoza Santana Mendoza Santana, Juan Mr Research Student JC0.13 1636 jjm20
Frantisek Farka Farka, Frantisek Mr Research Student JC0.21 3257 ff32
Khawar Shehzad Shehzad, Khawar Mr Research Student JC1.15 3238 ks228
  Chang, Mun See Ms Research Student JC0.29 3690 msc2
  Attieh, Saad Mr Research Student JC0.29 3690 sa74
Fearn Audrey Bishop Bishop, Fearn Audrey Ms Research Student JH104 3260 fab3
Michael Pitcher Pitcher, Michael Mr Research Student JC0.18 mjp22
Hui Shyong Yeo Yeo, Hui Shyong Mr Research Student JH104 3260 hsy
Dawand Jalil Sulaiman Sulaiman, Dawand Jalil Mr Research Student JC0.18 djs21
  Soares Mota Carneiro, Guilherme Mr Research Student JH104 3260 gsmc
  Wang, Yunjia Mr Research Student JC1.15 3238 yw43
  Alguwaifli, Yasir Mr Research Student JC0.21 3257 ya8
Xue Guo Guo, Xue Miss Research Student JC0.18 xg8
  Ekwe-Ekwe, Nnamdi Nzegwu Mr Research Student JC0.16 1627 nnamdi.ekwe-ekwe
  Carson, Iain Mr Research Student JH104 3260 ic48
  Kocak, Gokberk Mr Research Student JC0.29 3690 gk34
  Lynch, Alice Ms Research Student JC0.29 3290 al254
Teng Yu Yu, Teng Mr Research Student JC0.21 3257 ty33
  Rahman, Fahrurrozi Mr Research Student JC0.13 1636 fr27
  Almuallem, Zahida Miss Research Student JC0.12 za27
  Zhu, Xu Mr Research Student JH104 3260 xz32
Esma Mansouri Benssassi Benssassi, Esma Mansouri Mrs Research Student JC0.12 emb24
  Ceesay, Sheriffo Mr Research Student JC0.18 sc306
  Silvina, Agastya Miss Research Engineer JC0.13 1636 as362
  Arenas Contreras, Diego Alejandro Mr Research Engineer da60
  Cassidy, Catherine Ms Research Student JH104 3244 cc274
  Vermeulen, Andreas Francois Mr Research Student afv
  Mann, Peter Mr Research Student JC0.18 pm78
  Boonprasop, Chalee Mr Research Student JC0.18 cb330
  Wong, Janis Chin Ching Ms Research Student JC1.19 3254 jccw
  Lupafya, Chawanangwa Mr Research Student JC0.12 cl248
Andrea Rosales Rosales, Andrea Ms Research Student JC0.12 ar296
Mario Alberto Moreno Rocha Moreno Rocha, Mario Alberto Mr Research Student JH104 3260 mamr3
  Isa, Mohammad Mr Research Student JC0.18 mri
  Jiang, Ai Ms Research Student JC0.21 3257 aj99
  Wyeth, Daniel Lee Catherwood Mr Research Engineer JC0.12 dlcw
  Danielson, Matthew Gregory Mr Research Engineer JC0.12 mgd5
  Pirzada, Pireh Ms Research Student JC0.21 3257 pp62
  Seete, Mompati Mr Research Student JC0.12 ms411