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Email Addresses

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Management and Administration

Role Holder Email ( unless fully qualified)
Head of SchoolProf. S Dobsonhos-cs
Director of TeachingDr D Balasubramaniamdot-cs
Director of ResearchDr A Barker dor-cs
Director of Postgraduate TeachingDr J Thomsondopgt-cs
Director of Postgraduate ResearchDr M Nacentadopgr-cs
Director of Publicity and RecruitmentDr A Voss
Director of ImpactProf. A Quigleydoi-cs
Student Welfare OfficerDr I Duncanwelfare-equality-cs
Equality and Diversity OfficerDr J Bowleswelfare-equality-cs
Academic Misconduct OfficerDr S Sarkaramo-cs
Head of Systems GroupDr S Norcross
School ManagerMr A Bain
MSc Administrationmsc-admin-cs
Postgraduate (Research) Administrationpg-admin-cs
SICSA Administrationsicsa-admin
Undergraduate Admissionsadmissions-cs
MSc Admissionsmsc-admin-cs
PhD Admissionspg-admin-cs
Sub-Honours Advisersadviser-subhons-cs
Honours Adviseradviser-hons-cs
Erasmus Mundus MSc Adviseradviser-desem-cs
MSc Advisersadviser-msc-cs
Alumni LiaisonProf. A Quigley
Building Faultsjan-phys
Complaints Reportingcomplaints-cs
Ethics Coordinatorethics-cs
Examinations Officerexams-cs
Health & Safety Officersafety-cs
Open Days CoordinatorDr C Allison, Dr A Voss
Orientation Week CoordinatorDr U Hinrichs
Outreach Coordinatoroutreach-cs
Public Relations CoordinatorMs L Dow
Reading Party CoordinatorDr E Brady
Seminars Coordinatorseminars-cs
Study Abroad CoordinatorDr G Kirby
CS Systems Support

Academic Coordinators

Role Email
First Level CS Coordinatorfirst-coord-cs
Evening Degree Coordinatorevening-coord-cs
Second Level CS Coordinatorsecond-coord-cs
Honours (and MSci) CS Coordinatorhons-coord-cs
MSc Coordinator (Director of Postgraduate Teaching)dopgt-cs
DESEM Coordinator (Erasmus Mundus MSc in Dependable Software Systems)desem-coord-cs
Junior Honours Project Coordinatorjhproject-coord-cs
Individual Project Coordinator (SH, MSc, MSci)project-coord-cs

Student Representatives

Role Email
First level level1-rep-cs
Second level level2-rep-cs
Third level (JH) level3-rep-cs
Fourth level (SH) level4-rep-cs
Fifth level (MSc/MSci) level5-rep-cs
Evening degree evening-rep-cs
Postgraduate Research Student Representative pgr-rep-cs
School Student President compscipresident