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PhD viva success: Franck Slama  new 
Congratulations to Franck Slama, who successfully defended his thesis yesterday. He is pictured with supervisor Dr Edwin Brady, Internal examiner Dr S [...]
IDIR Summer Workshop 2018  new 
The St Andrews Institute for Data-Intensive Research (IDIR) was set up in September 2014 to provide a focus for research and teaching activities acros [...]
Ubiquitous User Interfaces by Aaron Quigley in the University of Lleida, Spain
In the context of “User Centred Design” course, Professor Quigley delivered a series of lectures on Ubiquitous User Interfaces in the University o [...]
Graduation Reception: Wednesday 27th June 2018
The School of Computer Science, will be hosting a graduation reception on Wednesday 27th June, in the Jack Cole building, between 10.30 and 12.30. Gra [...]
User-Centred Interaction Design
Students undertaking CS5042 User Centred Interaction Design were pictured prototyping their design ideas during creative thinking, and hands-on sessio [...]
Senior Honours Poster and Demo Sessions
Our talented Senior Honours students are pictured presenting posters and software artefacts to second markers, interested staff and students last week [...]
Junior Honours: Software Team Project 2017
Earlier today our hard working Junior Honours students presented their Team Projects. The projects involve substantial team based software engineering [...]

Ongoing and future events

SACHI Seminar: Alessio Malizia – User Experience: a step towards Natural User Interfaces.
Seminar: 7th Jun 2018 at 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (in Cole 1.33a) Title: User Experience: a step towards Natural User Interfaces. Abstract: The road to natural interfaces is still long and we are now witnessing an [...]