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We have a thriving postgraduate community at St Andrews of research students studying for a PhD and students taking advanced MSc and Diploma taught courses. If you have a good degree in Computer Science (or a closely related discipline such as Maths or Engineering) and are interested in Computer Science research, we would like to hear from you. If you are interested in developing your knowledge of computer science, you could apply for one of our MSc or Diploma courses.

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Funding may be available for students who live in the UK or other EU countries for PhD research. The Scottish Academic Awards Agency provides some funding for students who live in Scotland for Diploma courses only.

A limited number of University scholarships are available for international MSc students. There are currently six partial scholarships worth £2,000 and two full scholarships that cover full fees.

Required qualifications | Funding | How to apply | List of potential PhD projects | Writing a proposal

Prospectus and Subject Leaflet

Get the University Postgraduate Prospectus and the Computer Science Subject Leaflet from the University of St Andrews website.