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This page contains the keywords and research interests of academics in St Andrews who supervise PhD students. Click on the research profiles link to see a list of their most recent publications.

NameKeywordsAddress ( Profiles / web
Akgün, Dr ÖzgürArtificial Intelligence (AI); Constraint Satisfaction; High-level modelling languages; Data Mining through Optimisationozgur.akgunResearch Profile
Arandjelovic, Dr Ognjen (Oggie)Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition; Data Mining; Big data analysis; Health Informatics; Statistics; Clinical Trial Design and Analysis; Information Retrieval; Mathematical Modelling; Image Processingoa7Research Profile
Balasubramaniam, Dr Dharini Software Architecture; Software Artefact Consistency Management; Software Development Methodologies; Software and Business Processes; Domain-Specific LanguagesdhariniResearch Profile
Barker, Dr AdamLarge-Scale Distributed Systems; Systems Research; Cloud Computing; Cluster Computing; Infrastructure; Big Data; Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA); Semantic Web; Linked Dataadam.barkerResearch Profile
Bhatti, Prof Saleem Computer Communication; Internet Architecture; Network Protocols; Network Security; Mobile Systems; Performance of Networks and Systems; Practical Networks/Communicatgion/TestbedssaleemResearch Profile
Bowles, Dr JulianaFormal Verification; Formal Methods; Model Checking; Constraint Solvers; Temporal Logics (stochastic, distributed, etc); Natural Language Requirements and Links to Formal Methods and Tools; Model-driven Development; Modelling in Healthcare; Health Data Inferences; Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support Systems; Global HealthjkfbResearch Profile
Brady, Dr Edwin Types; Programming Languages; DSLs; Verification; Compilers; Theorem Proving; Functional Programming; Program Generation; Dependent Typesecb10Research Profile
Dearle, Prof AlanDistributed Systems; Systems Architecture; Cloud Computing; Distributed Storage Systems; Data Linkage; Genealogical Population Reconstruction; Synthetic Population Generationalan.dearleResearch Profile
Dobson, Prof Simon Data Analytics; Sensor Networks; Complex Networks; Computational Epidemiology; Spatial Computingsimon.dobsonResearch Profile
Duncan, Dr Ishbel Software Testing; Systems Security; Penetration Testing; Data Sciences; Computer Supported Educationishbel.duncanResearch Profile
Fayed, Dr MarwanComputer Communication and Networks, Architectures; Transport and Routing Protocols; Streaming Video; Internet of Things (IoT); Wireless Communication; Network Algorithms; Network Measurement; Remote and Rural Broadband; Medium Access Control; Machine Learning for AI Comms and Networkingmarwan.fayedResearch Profile
Gent, Prof IanArtificial Intelligence (AI); Constraint Satisfaction; Combinational Search; Experimental Methods in Computer Science; Solitaire and patience card gamesian.gentResearch Profile
Hammond, Prof Kevin Functional Programming; Real-Time Systems; Resource Usage; Cyber-Physical Systems; Parallelism; Multicore kh8Research Profile
Harris-Birtill, Dr DavidMedical Technology; Image Analysis; Signal Processing; Ambient Sensing; Medical Imaging; Remote Pulse Oximetry; Photoacoustics; Photothermal Therapy; Machine LearningdcchbResearch Profile
Henderson, Dr Tristan Privacy, Ethics, Law and Technology; Human-Data Interaction (HDI); Online Social Networks; Reproducible and Responsible ResearchtnhhResearch Profile
Hinrichs, Dr Uta Information Visualisation; Human Computer Interaction (HCI); Digital Humanities; Visual Design; Qualitative Research Methods; Physicalisation; Digital Interfaces for Cultural Collectionsuh3Research Profile
Jefferson, Dr ChrisArtificial Intelligence (AI); Group Therapy; Computational Group Theory; Constraint Programming; Automated Game Generationcaj21Research Profile
Kelsey, Dr Tom Modeling; Biomedicine; Data Science; Late Effect; Xeno-BioticstwkResearch Profile
Kirby, Dr Graham Distributed Systems; Record Linkage; Historical Records; Population Reconstruction; Synthetic Data Generationgraham.kirbyResearch Profile
Linton, Prof Steve Computer Algebra; Alogrithms; GAP; Computational Group Theory; Combinatorics; Permatation Patterns; Open Dream Kitsl4Research Profile
Miguel, Prof IanArtificial Intelligence (AI); Decision-making and Optimisation; Combinational Search; Constraint Modelling and Solving; Propositional Satisfiability (SAT)ijmResearch Profile
Miller, Dr Alan Network Traffic Measurement; Virtual Worlds, Particularly Systems Aspects; The Use of Technology to Enhance Learning; Computer Networks; Congestion Control; Multimedia; Quality of Service (QoS)alan.millerResearch Profile
Nacenta, Dr Miguel Human-Computer Interaction; Information Visualization; Infotypography; Visual Perception; Multi-display Environments; Multi-touch Interfaces; 3D Perception; FatFonts; VizFonts; Transmogrification; iVoLVERmansResearch Profile
Nederhof, Dr Mark-Jan Computational Linguistics; Formal Language Theory; Writing Systemsmn31Research Profile
Quigley, Prof Aaron Human Computer Interaction (HCI); Mobile HCI; Novel Interfaces; Intelligent User Interfaces; Pervasive Computing; Ubiquitous Computing; Information Visualisation (InfoVis); Multi-device Computing; Graph DrawingaquigleyResearch Profile
Sarkar, Dr SusmitShared Memory Concurrency; Verification; Hardware Design; Parallelism; Programming Languages, Compilers; Static Analysis; Relaxed Consistency Modelsss265Research Profile
Terzic, Dr KasimComputer Vision; Scene Understanding; Machine Learning; Cognitive Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI)kt54Research Profile
Thomson, Dr John Machine Learning; Compiles Optimisation, Runtime Systems; Cloud Computing; Empirical Optimisation; Media Encoding; Video Encodingj.thomsonResearch Profile
Toniolo, Dr AliceArgumentation; Intelligent Systems; Reasoning; Dialogue; Collaboration; Conflicting Information; Provenance; Planning; Multi-Agent Systems; Human-Agent Interaction; Evidential Reasoning; Normative Reasoning; Conflict Resolutionat258Research Profile
Voss, Dr Alex "Big" Social Data; Continous Deployment; DevOps; Participatory Designalex.vossResearch Profile
Weir, Dr Mike Intelligent Agents; Robotics; Neural Networks; Limb Movement; Goal-Directed Behaviour; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Machine Learning; Gesture Recognition; Intelligent Sequencing; Motion Planning; mkwResearch Profile
Ye, Dr Juan Human Activity Recognition; Smart Environments; Context Awareness; Uncertainty Reasoning; Temporal Reasoning; Ontologies; Mobile Computing; Wearable Assistive Technologies; Multi-Sensory Integration; Autismjy31Research Profile

For more information about how to apply for a postgraduate degree with any of these academics, please visit the postgraduate degrees by research page of the School of Computer Science of the University of St Andrews.